Various Nationals – Poland, Denmark, Belgium

A number of national championships were held across Europe recently with varying success and interesting results.

The Polish Championships were held in very light and shifty breezes and were won by 15yr old Dawid Kania, a hot Cadet sailor. He beat Antoni Pawłowski, born 30 years earlier, into 2nd place and Tomasz Gaj (born 1972) into 3rd. There was a VERY strong element of juniors in the fleet, with 10 of the total 27 participants qualifying as juniors. Full report is here.

Meantime in Denmark Jorgen Svendsen, who is definitely not 15, won the national title there. The fleet of 57 entrants had a good event with 6 races completed. Jorgen Lindthardtsen, who is even more definitely not 15, didn’t manage to add to his vast list of Danish titles and finished 4th. Full report on the Danish website here.

“Geen Wind”.
No wind for the Belgian Nationals

Sadly, the report on the Belgian Nationals is not as positive. No wind, no event. We can only hope the participants enjoyed the sunny weather and the cosmopolitan delights of Antwerp.

The British Nationals were also held recently. There’s a separate post on them.




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