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Sail change – and lightwind tune

The 2012 worlds saw a wide variety of hulls in the top 10, but a strong domination of Quantum and – to a lesser extent  – Green sails, with Nick Craig’s HD Sails the only outlier in the top 10. This domination may be about to weaken. A little, anyway.

A recent event in Denmark saw some leading Danes successfully change to North Sails and also the first appearance of the Hoj-Jensen sails that are being developed with Jorgen Lindthartsen.

The Hoj-Jensen sails are still being developed so they were pleased to be competitive and will continue to work on the sails. A full report on the event is here (sadly Google Translate doesn’t deal well with Danish).

It was a light wind event and there were lots of photos, so this video should answer any questions you ever had about light wind tune.




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