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End of Series 1 – 2012/13 DMYC Frostbites

The last day of Series 1 in the DMYC Frostbite series shaped up to be a great day’s sailing. Sunny and warm in the morning with an afternoon forecast for nice moderate southerly breezes – a great forecast.  With the prospect of food, drink and a prizegiving in the DMYC afterwards, the day was set fair.  The OK fleet saw the varnished Beastie complete a solid morning of training in Dun Laoghaire harbour before the creamy Milky Bar Kid took on the afternoon racing.

15 boats lined up for the PY start with a moderate breeze across the course.  The only clouds in the sky were off to the right over Killiney hill.

A heavy pin bias saw most boats sailing along the line aiming for that end.  While most stayed conservative, Enzo Michel’s RS200 got its knickers in a terrible twist and instead of getting a radical port start was radically over the line. Worse, they somehow failed to return correctly and were marked OCS for the day when they would have been in with a good chance of victory.

Most boats kept going left but the OK Dinghy took a mid-line start and immediately tacked right, picked up a decent shift from that Killiney cloud and got to the top mark in close company with the RS400s and the 470, with the IDRAs a bit behind. Things were looking good at this stage, for the OK at least.



Into the 2nd lap and things started to get more complicated. The wind direction was mostly fairly constant at this stage but waves of pressure were crossing the course unevenly, making the tactical aspect more important than usual.

By the 3rd lap timing was critical. The OK dinghy went right looking for a shift but wasn’t paying enough attention to wind strength and instead sailed into a huge hole.  Boats further left on the beat or still on the reaches still had wind and were going much faster.  Having been up with the K1 and well ahead of the IDRA 14s and GP14 the OK Dinghy was dropped by the K1 and nearly caught by the 14-footers who sailed in more wind and kept concentrating on speed.

Meantime Ryan and MacAree were doing everything right in the 470 and zoomed off ahead with O’Hare and Tate’s RS400s close behind. The RS200 was going well but that OCS was coming along for the ride too.

The 4th and 5th laps continued to be interesting and puzzling. There seemed to be more pressure on the left but the shifts were going to the right. In the end it was clear. Pressure paid.

The OK Dinghy made every wrong choice in the book and kept struggling. Tom Murphy’s K1 sailed on well and took 2nd place with the IDRA 14s and GP14 also sailing well and taking the next spots.

The 470 finished clear ahead in a deserved first place on the day but the next 6 boats were within a minute of each other on corrected time – again showing that PY is more competitive than many people think.  It was interesting that the Laser fleet was WAAAY more spread out than usual, with big gaps between the boats showing that some boats got it right on the day and some didn’t.

On the overall results for Series 1 it’s fair to say that the OK Dinghy was the clear winner, finally discarding a 2nd place result as well as the 6th from this week’s comparatively poor result. Hamilton and Long tied for second in their IDRA 14s, with the Ryan/MacAree 470 a mere two points back in 4th.  Enzo Michel deserves mention as a top performer but missed too many races to feature in the overall results.

Most of the sailors adjourned to the DMYC for the prizegiving. Apart from the PY result, Colin Galavan won the Laser series despite a 4th place today, with Kenneth Rumball winning the Fireball series.

Hopefully Series 2, which starts after Xmas, will see more competitive sailing with places decided by mere seconds and more great fun on the water.

Full daily results here, with the overall series 1 results here.

As usual, all photos from the DMYC Frostbite Facebook page.


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