Day 1 – Left and Lumpy

Day 1 report from Robert Deaves!


This could get monotonous. Another day of perfect conditions greeted the 70 sailors at the Singha OK Dinghy World Championships in Pattaya,Thailand. The first two races was staged in a 12-18 knot hot breeze with race wins going to defending champion Andre Budzien (GER) and Roger Blasse (AUS).

The breeze built during the day to end with a leg stretching 18 knots by the finish of the second race. Tonight Royal Varuna Yacht Club is full of very tired by satisfied sailors as they enjoy the spectacular view over the Gulf of Thailand and the free refreshments provided by Singha..



Race one got under way under the new ‘U’ flag with three boats pulled out on the restart. Paul Rhodes (NZL) rounded the top mark first from the left from a group consisting of Andre Budzien, Roger Blasse and Nick Craig (GBR). Rhodes overlaid the second top mark after overestimating the tide and let Budzien through. The laylines were hard to call with big courses and the left paying well. The German dominated the rest of the race with Craig pulling up behind Blasse at the finish. Both thought Craig had done enough, but Blasse took third.

Practice race winner Blasse took the early lead in race two and with a change of tide the course turned into a one way track with the left very clearly favoured. He was closely followed round th4 top mark by Mike Williams (AUS) and Jonathan Fish (GBR) as the wind increased to 15-16 knots and the upwind legs became hard work for some. Blasse pulled away downwind to lead throughout the race with Williams, Craig and Rhodes in close pursuit, though they finished in that order.

Craig said,“It was another day in paradise. We had simply perfect conditions though the beats were very long. Controlling he left was the key to the racing, and by the end it was a bit one track, but as the week goes on that will change as the time of the tides gets later.”

Blasse commented, “It was fantastic sailing but you had to turn left at the bottom mark. The lumpy conditions and the tide makes it hard to assess your boat speed but it looksblike it’s going to be a tough week ahead.”

Two more race are scheduled for Monday at 13.00 before the fleet enjoys a lay day on Tuesday to sample the delights of Pattaya.

Results (top 20 from 70)
Pos Boat Helm R1 R2 Points
1 AUS 749 Roger Blasse 3 1 4
2 NZL 517 Paul Rhodes 2 4 6
3 GBR 2150 Nick Craig 4 3 7
4 GER 782 Andre Budzien 1 7 8
5 DEN 1411 Jorgen Svendsen 6 5 11
6 AUS 730 Michael Williams 10 2 12
7 DEN 1409 Stefan Myralf 5 9 14
8 AUS 735 Mark Jackson 11 6 17
9 AUS 754 Brent Williams 7 11 18
10 NZL 544 Greg Wilcox 8 15 23
11 DEN 1364 Jorgen Lindhardtsen 14 10 24
12 DEN 1421 Bo Petersen 9 16 25
13 GBR 2118 Terry Curtis 12 14 26
14 GER 693 Martin von Zimmermann 16 12 28
15 AUS 734 Edward O’Donnell 13 22 35
16 NZL 542 Alistair Deaves 23 13 36
17 NOR 472 Jens Makholm 17 21 38
18 GBR 2138 Robert Deaves 21 18 39
19 AUS 727 Don Williams 19 20 39
20 AUS 741 Gary Lokum 24 19 43

Full results here: http://varuna.org/day-one-overall/

Photos by Cat Robson, www.seahazephotography.co.uk


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