Winning OK Gear 2013

Last year we observed that – despite the Icebreaker shape being the most fashionable – a variety of hull shapes seemed to be fast. But the mast of choice was the C-Tech and the sail of choice was Quantum or Green.

This year we see much more variety. In hulls the Delfs shape – which didn’t feature at all last year – takes four of the top ten places. The Icebreaker five of the top 10 and the Rushworth the remaining slot. These are all well established shapes, long on the circuit. The British Synergy hulls, based on the Skipper shape, were also going fast, and there were many Heins flying around too. No surprises here…many shapes are fast.

In masts there was still a C-Tech clean sweep except for Nick Craig’s Aardvark mast. This is now becoming a proven and popular mast in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly in the UK.

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Sails saw the domination of Quantum and Green rather thoroughly broken. Seven different sailmakers in the top 10. UK Sails (modern home of the well known Gale and Rimington shape), HD Sails of England, North, Quantum, Germany’s Gericke, Denmark’s Bojsen-Moller and England’s Pinnell&Bax.

Moral of the story? Lots of gear is fast.

Full table below



Pos Helm Sail# Hull Mast Sail Board Rudder
1 Roger Blasse AUS 749 Jason King (Delfs) C Tech UK Halsey(Std Gale)/Quantum Jason King Jason King
2 Nick Craig GBR2150 Idol (Icebreaker) Aardspars (HD) Hunt Davis Scoles Scoles
3 Mike Williams AUS 730 Jason King (Delfs) C Tech North (NZ) Jason King Jason King
4 Paul Rhodes NZL 517 Icebreaker (Cooksons) C Tech North (NZ) Ron Bull Ron Bull
5 Mark Jackson AUS 735 Jason King (Delfs) C Tech Quantum Jason King Jason King
6 Greg Wilcox NZL 544 Icebreaker NZ C Tech Quantum Deaves C Tech
7 Jorgen Svendsen DEN 1420 Icebreaker NZ C Tech Quantum Deaves Deaves
8 Stefan Myralf DEN 1409 Idol (Rushworth) C Tech Bojsen Møller Scoles Scoles
9 Andre Budzein GER 782 Idol (Icebreaker) C Tech Gericke Scoles Scoles
10 Terry Curtis GBR 2118 Jason King (Delfs) C Tech Pinnel and Bax Jason King Jason King

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