Dublin Racing

It’s a plot!

Once more the weather conspired to stop Beastie (1917) from sailing in an actual race. On Saturday it was gusting 30 knots so Beastie stayed inside the harbor while racing went on outside.  This Tuesday we watched as a perfect weather forecast turned into an absolutely still evening. More August than May.

The dinghy fleets were stopped at the mouth of the harbor and racing was cancelled. A wise decision because the tide was just getting ready to flow and dinghies becalmed in a strong current are a sad sight indeed.

Wind falling to zero.Right in time for the racing.

Wind falling to zero.
Right in time for the racing.

The two OK Dinghies, a Finn, a few Lasers and a Fireball did some light wind practice inside the harbor, but there really wasn’t any wind.

So, we’ll try again on Saturday and see if Beastie can break through the jinx.




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