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Tuesday night was a night for patience and persistence. Just a pity we were bang out of supplies of both. We’ll take Dory’s message to heart next time.

Despite forecasts of 15-21 knots, all the dinghy sailors were admiring the big Tricolor on the end of the East Pier and hoping that it would start to show more wind. Any wind. Then, after a very flukey sail out to the line a steadier breeze came up and we were on for a good race.

The OK tried to exploit the big committee boat bias and held position off the stern of the boat for about 90 seconds until a quick sheet and hike was apparently misjudged and the OK was called back for being over the line. Re-starting a minute later the OK headed off in pursuit of the Mermaids, IDRA14s and the RS400….and ahead of the Lasers that would now start 1 minute closer in pursuit.  Darn!

While there was good speed for the rest of the race it must be confessed that motivation was slightly missing, basically in expectation that a good result just wasn’t on. Now there’s a self-defeating attitude if ever there was one!  The OK Dinghy caught and eventually passed all the Mermaids and IDRA14s so it wasn’t going slowly, but that edge wasn’t quite there.

Finally the results showed Tate’s RS400 with a big win and Keane’s Lasers clearly in 2nd, but the OK Dinghy finally finished only 27 seconds behind Colin Galavan in the 3rd placed Laser. Not a bad result from a one minute delay at the start, but it could have been better! Quitters never triumph and didn’t in this case.

The wind died off again just as the boats arrived back at the slipway, rounding off a really good evening of sailing.

A Laser sailing home in the dying breeze

There’s a fuller report on the racing the Dun Laoghaire dinghy site.

With the other Dun Laoghaire OK Dinghy out of action due to injury we will try to get a visiting helmsmen involved to keep the 2nd boat sailing.  Shouldn’t be too hard.




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