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Aussies taking the (a) piss

The Laser Europeans are on in Dun Laoghaire next week and two of the three big clubs are being cleared to make way. In a silly move we brought the wrong roadbase and so Beastie went sailing on Saturday rather than the MBK.

One of the Australian squad came out and raced against the local sailors, and he showed us all just how much we have to learn. Even stopping for rest breaks couldn’t stop Jared West from being distinctly faster than everyone else, particularly downwind or when the wind got flakey…which it did a lot on Saturday. Still, we all had great fun and it was quite an exhibition from someone ranked in the top 20 in the world.


Meantime, this was the first time that Beastie was raced with intent and – despite the skipper being rather heavy for the old Boyce mast – the boat showed its paces really well. Less and less doubt that she’s a fast boat. A carbon mast and new sail would make her a real weapon!

Beaten into second by just 12 seconds in race one and ending a mere 37 seconds off the lead in the much longer race 2 (ignoring that Aussie, sailing Alan McNab’s boat) Beastie obviously has potential.  Built in 1977 and still attracting attention!




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