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Bad start – lovely weather!

The DMYC Frostbites are a long standing Dun Laoghaire institution. 43 years, or something. I doubt they’ve ever seen an autumn like this. It’s been warm and sunny. The first Sunday lived up to expectations. From a WINDY morning, the wind eased and the temperature went up. Winter rubber was a warm decision this week.

With the Milky Bar Kid still out of action due to a missing mast foot, your correspondent took advantage of the fact that Beastie’s skipper is still out of action due to a tweaked knee.

The PY fleet was filled with many many RS-class boats. Both 200s and 400s are seeing growth in Dublin. Still, the OK has history of being able to compete against them all and had great expectations. Ha!

Lovely Day - Lousy result

Lovely Day – Lousy result

Driver error and bad decision making put the OK Dinghy too close to the pin and with no margin on a tight layline. Bailing out with 20 seconds to go was the best call to make, but dipping almost every stern in the fleet was the consequence. From there on it was a nice day’s sailing, but no great expectations on the result any more.

Finally 12th of 24.  A good start should have had aiming for the top 3.




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