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Great start – no speed

The water was full of dinghies.  There were 20 PY dinghies, 28 Lasers, 12 Fireballs and 10 RS 200/400s, now in their own separate class after the change in SIs.  It’s worth pointing out again the number of juniors racing in the DMYC series. It’s a great and successful aspect of the winter sailing and makes the DBSC’s exclusion of juniors even more of a puzzle.  Summer sailing should be like this too!

With the National Team Racing Championships and several junior squad trainings taking place inside the harbor the DMYC Committee took the fleets outside to open water.  The new trapezoid course took a little longer to set up but a 5 minute postponement allowed the wind to settle too, and off we went on a long 4-lap trapezoid course.

4 laps of a (skewed) trapezoid

Beastie got a great start but then – in defiance of expectation and hope – we saw the impact of mismatched sail and mast on speed. Whereas previously the OKs have been able to sail away from the IDRAs upwind, that didn’t work today. A sail custom made for a stiff carbon pole and a soft Boyce mast meant that sail trim was just never right.

In the end a 2:30 gap to the leading IDRA put Beastie well down the ranking in 7th of 24. There was just no speed upwind in moderate conditions.  But it was a nice day.

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