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Dec 1 – 1 min off

The return of the Return of the Milky Bar Kid didn’t go quite as planned, and there was still a one-minute gap to the leading IDRAs on corrected time. Although we now had the right mast on the right boat, we ended up with the wrong sail on the right mast on the right boat. All our own fault too.

Setting up for a roll tack

Setting up for a roll tack

The weather was chilly and with very little wind, making it a challenge for the committee to set a line. Once again an IDRA14 fouled the OK Dinghy on the start line. They were sailing back down the line on port at the gun and blithely ignored normal rules. Astonishing.

The rest of the race was fascinating, but difficult. The K1 of Tom Murphy got ahead and disappeared into the distance, winning the race by 5 minutes and more on corrected time. The K1 is fast in the right conditions and Tom made no mistakes. Next were two IDRA14, followed a single minute later by the OK Dinghy and the 470. That’s better than the 2 minute gap of previous weeks, but not yet fully up to page.

However, with the chasing Lasers making no impression on the OK Dinghy or on the IDRA14s it seemed that the sloops had an advantage on cat-rigged boats this week.  The RS400s, in their own race, were also going extremely quickly.

So, it seems that sail trim is just as important in the light stuff as in moderate condiitions. The mis-matched sail, even on a better mast, proved tricky to trim upwind and the OK Dinghy had no pointing capability to speak of. Next week we have to get the correct mast and sail and hull and see what happens!

Results are here.



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