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Blown out – into a sunny day

On Monday the waterfront clubs where the OK Dinghies live were rescuing boats flung around the forecourt. On Tuesday huge chains were strung around the deck as an anchor that boats could be tied to.

On Sunday the forecast called for the wind to drop and – maybe – for sailing to be held.

As the time for decision approached the DMYC Committee was faced with a tough call. The wind should have dropped. It hadn’t. Should they send the fleets out in such gusty and cold conditions and hope the wind moderated? Maybe not, and racing was cancelled.

The decision was neatly validated at about the expected start time when a big black cloud passed over Dun Laoghaire harbor with wind and driving rain. The sailors were glad they weren’t on the water.

But then the wind did what it should have done earlier. It dropped from Bft7 gusts to a moderate Bft3-4. And the sun was out.

IMG_20140209_171340 PANO_20140209_171350

By the end of the day it looked like summer. Cruel timing for the sailors.



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