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The 2014 PY Handicap numbers are out (http://goo.gl/bhMwVo) and it looks like the OK Dinghy is getting faster and faster!

Whereas a couple of years ago the OK Dinghy was rated as about the same speed as a Laser Radial and about 3% slower than a Laser, a couple of years work by the RYA have changed all that. This year sees the OK Dinghy rated as considerably faster than a Laser Radial and only about 1% slower than the Laser. An OK Dinghy now rates exactly the same as a 420…a boat with a round bilge hull, a spinnaker and a trapeze!

Reaction from well established OK Dinghy sailors in the UK was pretty direct;

  • “wow – that is harsh!”
  • “A well sailed OK is similar pace to a well sailed Solo (rated about 4% slower), a very odd set of #s!”
    • both from Nick Craig. (unarguably the best amateur dinghy sailor in the UK)
  • “the RYA continues to obliterate the OK Dinghy handicap”
    • Lee Childs. (UK OK Dinghy champion 2012)

The class association in the UK is again approaching the RYA to try to understand these new numbers.

(pictures above from Noble Marine and from the 2013 OK Worlds)



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