Dublin Racing

39 knots

First race of the summer season for the OKs in Dun Laoghaire and the weather was the main player. With strong and increasing winds forecast only the Milky Bar Kid’s 90kg skipper was going to test the conditions – and just as well too.

With most dinghies quitting without even coming to the harbor, only a few rigged and even fewer left the confines of Dun Laoghaire’s granite piers. RIchard Tate in a Laser and the MBK ventured out, close reaching out to a start line nearly at Poolbeg lighthouse.

The first couple of squalls were fine, but the next had boats laying over sideways and Squibs started to flee the racecourse so the OK and Laser fled too. 39 knot winds were recorded and the OK was glad it wasn’t a run home. The broad reach was exciting enough!


With huge wakes pushed up by the Class 0 fleet the OK Dinghy nearly leaped clean out of the water a couple of times, and more common was to run into the back of a wake bringing speeds from 12knots plus down to near zero. Thank heavens for a strong mast-step, big rudder and weighty skipper.  It must all have presented a splendid sight for the people sitting on deck in the caravan racing classes.

Rain joined in and although the shower passed quickly no-one was tempted to try heading out again.

Tuesday, maybe.



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