Next up – 2014 Worlds in Melbourne!!

There are a few months to go yet, but preparations for the 2014 OK Dinghy Worlds in Melbourne are well under way. Fleets from Europe must decide whether to charter in Australia or to organize container shipping to bring their own boats to the other side of the world.  And fleets in the antipodes must decide which boats to let the visiting Europeans charter, and which to keep for themselves.

Black Rock Yacht Club has a long and proud history, founded in the 19th century, host to Moth and I14 World Championships as well as home of one of the world’s strongest OK Dinghy fleets.  The event, running from December 28th to Jan 4th, should continue the recent run of great events and the revival of the class.

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay

The event website is up and running here, with a promotional video below that looks back at some previous occasions where Black Rock has hosted major OK Dinghy events. No better place!!  Even noted Kiwi Greg Wilcox seems to admit as much.

There’s a form on the website if you want to request a charter boat, plus information on accommodation and other practicalities.  Have a read, make your plans!




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