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The last of the summer wine

The last Tuesday evening race of the season is tomorrow, but last week we had a good blasting Tuesday night. Again the OK Dinghy started with the Lasers and again won the start at the pin…and again was lacking just a little speed up the beat…but not as much as before.

Rounding 2nd but in tight with the first pair of Lasers, the OK Dinghy struggled far less downwind than previously and only dropped slightly behind these two by the leeward mark. Up the beat with good pace and very good height, the OK Dinghy arrived at the windward mark having caught right up with the leading two Lasers and also with a bunch of IDRA14s and Mermaids.

It all got rather tight up there and even discussion at the bar afterwards couldn’t sort out who was entitled to do what, with Lasers tacking too close, boats approaching on port, water being acquired late, early, etc….. However, having touched an IDRA14 while attempting to avoid contact with a Laser, the OK Dinghy took the time to do penalty turns just in case before renewing the pursuit.

The turns had left a 3rd Laser overtake, and a fast reach down what had been the run followed, with the leading two Lasers also pulling further ahead. But the next beat had turned into a fetch and some close reaching technique described by Nick Craig and modeled on Ben Ainslie allowed the OK Dinghy to overtake that 3rd Laser to leeward before climbing back onto the same line and staying ahead.  It seemed that some of the lost ground on the leading two Lasers was recovered…although they were well ahead.

Close Reaching Trim - Photo from the Finn Class FB Page

Close Reaching Trim – Photo from the Finn Class FB Page

Overall it was all pretty tight and positions held up the last beat. On corrected time the OK DInghy was about 30 seconds off the leading Laser, reasonable given the slow first beat and the penalty turns. Almost back on pace, apparently.



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