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It’s that time of year again and the Frostbites are back. With the OK Dinghies returning late to the dinghy park after their third enforced exile this year there was no time to get the boats entered, but they at least made it onto the water.

Unable to participate in the racing, the OKs lined up to leeward of the other dingle handed dinghies to test tune and leg fitness. And to make sure they stayed out of the way!

The Frostbite series mostly takes place inside the walls of Dun Laoghaire harbor, but on this occasion the good weather tempted the fleets outside and the committee set up a large 5-lap trapezoidal course.

There were probably 70 boats on the water fighting a big chop and initially limp breeze. But the day came good and saw Fireballs, OK Dinghies, Finns, RS400s all planing on the reaches. A good show.

Boats returning to the slipways at the George saw more adventure as an strengthening onshore breeze and that swell made landing on the slip quite a task.




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