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Training Day

Today may have been the last day that the Milky Bar Kid isn’t entered in the Frostbites. There are at least a few days left.

But, this Sunday was a lovely day’s sailing and the GoPro newly mounted on the rear deck gave a reasonable view of technique and events.

With the ongoing technique discussions with the Finn sailors continuing onshore at the George, the MBK decided to forego standalone training and to sail around in proximity with the Finns to see if there were mutual learnings. Since we’re not entered we stayed away from the startline and sat about a minute up the course from the actual racers, but the Finns soon popped out ahead of the PY fleet and sailed around with the OK dinghy.

Des Fortune’s Finn caught and passed in both races and Tate’s Finn in one of the two, but the main focus was on practicing and getting back up to speed. Sailing the race course turned out to be the best way of not bothering the race fleets too, since the only boat we were ever near was a Finn. Standalone training would have had us up and down through the fleets and it was a bit cold to go outside the harbor unaccompanied.

Main lessons?

  • The GoPro needs to be mounted a bit higher up for an optimal view
  • The toestraps need (somehow) to be a bit tighter so we can hike straight legged more often
  • Foot, don’t pinch!
  • Finns are just a lot faster on a reach.
  • Wear sunglasses on a sunny day.

The hiking problem is a real puzzle… the toestraps are already as tight and as low as we can get them, but still long enough to encourage a drooped hiking position, which is comfy but apparently bad for the knees. The straight leg position requires wedging feet under the straps to the ankle, a position that can’t be held for long unless you’re quite fit. A solution is needed!  Shorter legs, perhaps. Or maybe windsurf style footstraps on the floor.

And, as usual, pinching is tempting, but a disaster. Bad helmsman!

Meantime, with the camera mounted a new name for the boat is under consideration. Something like “ISWACN” or “DTMWFI”…for “I sail with a camera now” or “Don’t take my word for it”.

Lastly, sadly, “Beastie” wasn’t able to sail due to child minding problems for the skipper. A pity on such a glorious day. Onwards and upwards…



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