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Force 7, Force 1, Force 9. Not a winter for practice!

Again, the plan had been to get in some good practice this weekend. Again, it wasn’t to be. Sunday dawned with the previous evening’s ominous forecast still looking accurate, and all racing was cancelled early. While kitesurfers headed for the beach with their smaller kites the idea of dinghy sailing seemed off the menu.

But then the wind died off and tempted one of the OK Dinghies and a local Solo out onto the water. Where they were becalmed in the middle of Dun Laoghaire Harbor. No wind. Force 1, max.

For a while.

The front wasn’t long in passing. The southerly was first confused, then calm, then gusty, then gusty with hints of a westerly, then an increasingly wild westerly with abrupt southerly lulls (or vice versa), before finally settling in to a strong westerly with Force 10 gusts by the time darkness fell.

The OK Dinghy and Solo did each manage to pull off some high wind gybes and fast reaches before retreating.

So, another lovely weekend in Dublin, but not much sailing to show for it.


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