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Testing testing – plus a new old sail

After a couple of weekends sailing Finns it was time to get back into an OK Dinghy. Time to try out an alternate (P&B) sail since MBK’s long serving North seems to be really on its last legs and time to try the new GoPro mounting position.

With the wind AGAIN forecast at levels that made Beastie’s return to service inadvisable, MBK headed out alone while the Frostbites went on around. The wind was up and down during the day, as low as Force 2 and as high as 25 knots.  Once the races get going the easiest way to stay out of the fleets’ way is to sail around the course too, easing out of the way if faster boats come through. It’s not the best practice session, but it’ll have to do.

The day was interesting on a couple of levels.

First, the P&B – acquired with Beastie – actually fits the Ceilidh mast on MBK pretty well and feels quite like the North to use. The other alternate, an older Gale & Rimington, feels completely different with a much “softer” feel. Probably a more open leech.  The P&B may  be familiar to some of the UK fleet, and it still carries GBR 2144.

Second, after two trips in a Finn it was interesting to sit back in the OK. Just tricky to remember where to step during tacks and gybes. Really amazing how quickly the moves get mixed up!

Third, the new GoPro mount gives a hugely better view of the boat, the surrounding water and the rig. Probably worth tilting it upwards to get a better view of the mainsail, but it’s pretty good.  And it shows that I still need to shorten the footstraps a little so that I don’t droop hike.  And that I need to put Rain-X on the GoPro lens.

New GoPro mounting position gives better view.

New GoPro mounting position gives better view.

Finally, we met another OK Dinghy sailor and must get in touch.

Here’s the vid of the day – again too long. We need to get more practice at editing out the superfluous moments.



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