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Mediterranean Sailing in Dun Laoghaire

It was the day after the equinox and Spring landed with a bang. Air temperatures were chilly in the morning, but my mid-afternoon the light to moderate breezes were desperately needed to keep the sailors cool in their winter suits and the blazing sunshine.

Today the two main things were a focus on understanding the different trim of the P&B sail compared to the old North, and on pointing the GoPro upwards a little more to see if we could understand trim a little better.

Both worked pretty well.

The P&B reacts quite differently to outhaul than the North, much more continuously rather than the North’s apparent “on/off” setting. But we’re getting there.  After some slow legs pacing the Finns during their first race of the day the trim was improved during the second race and the Finns weren’t gaining much ground upwind at all.

Now we just need to figure out where to sit on light to moderate breeze broad reaches, when an OK Dinghy seems a little lost. Not enough power to plane and no angles to work. But keeping the boat still, level and with the right trim fore-and-aft does make a difference! The full bow on the Hoare shape makes movement fore and aft particularly important when the emphasis moves from low wetted surface to low wave-making drag.




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