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Beastie on Film – Pretty AND Fast

Beastie’s skipper has had a frustrating winter and spring trying to get back on the water after a long lay off. Too many weekends with 25knot+ forecasts. But it’s Spring now and she’s had two good days on the water this weekend. Easter Monday saw the MBK working mostly as a camera boat to get some views of Beastie and the sail in action.

While we can now definitely say that none of the sails Beastie has are at all matched to Beastie’s soft Boyce mast, it’s also pretty clear that Beastie is a quick little boat, at least for a lightweight.

And DAMN, it’s a pretty boat.

But, while we knew there was a need for a new sail to allow for the skipper’s mere 60kg weight, a new sail is just needed anyway. And the boat will fly!



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