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Back to the fray as Summer approaches

The OK Dinghies in Ireland are emerging from their slumber.

With summer 2015 curtailed due to injury and pressures of work, and one of the windiest and wettest winters on record, the OK Dinghies have been stored out of harms way for a while.  First in a garden near Dun Laoghaire, more recently behind the stables of an old stately home in Kildare. And with the prospect of more arrivals in 2015, including one potential from New Zealand, perhaps we’ll finally see a proper fleet in 2016.


Covered, sheltered, dry

One of the impressive features of the winter, particularly for the all-wood Beastie, was the fact that she stayed bone dry inside all through. That Synergy cover and proper positioning seems to do the trick.

Onwards to the summer. No activity until after the lift-out, which itself isn’t until Easter, but they’re there and ready.



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