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Sunny but not windy!

Finally back on the water at the same time as a race is on! This time the Milky Bar kid was about an hour early – having misread the sailing instructions. Hey ho.  There was a desperate need to practice and the time was used very productively.

Then the wind started to fade. Dublin bay is semi-circular so seabreezes are fickle things, and today we got fickle. Steady in direction, apart from a gradual right drift, but very weak.



The first race saw the Milky Bar kid messing around a little too far from the line once the postponement came down, only getting back to the startline at least 90 seconds after the rest of the PY fleet.  But having spent time getting used to the conditions, the OK Dinghy was in 2nd on the water by the windward mark and passed the K1 down the run to take line honors. And with all the other boats giving time, it’s a win for sure.

2nd race was more or less the same, apart from being on time to the start, and the K1 being tuned in as well. The K1 was first on the water by a few seconds, with the OK Dinghy second. Corrected time should see the OK dinghy leading the way.

No video, unfortunately. Pilot error. Doh.

Summer’s here.



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