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Windy and DARK

Wow, what a contrast!

Sunday 8th saw very little wind and LOTS of sun. Tuesday 10th saw strong winds and it was so dark during the racing that the support RIBs ran with their lights on.

Prior to the launch the main discussions among the fleets were;

  1. whether there would be any wind for racing
  2. whether that big black cloud was significant.

Well, there was wind. And the big black cloud was significant.

wind_graph_1 With big waves in Scotsman’s Bay and winds gusting Bft 6-7 the sailors had quite an active set of races.

In PY Richard Tate’s Finn was flying, certainly making up the handicap and showing that he’s been pushing ahead with his sailing level while the OK Dinghy contingent was away from sailing.

He won both races with the OK Dinghy struggling to hold 2nd.  Upwind in the second race the OK Dinghy tried even MORE cunningham and a bit less outhaul and a chunk less centreboard. Helped a LOT. The Finn was still gone but the gap upwind was a lot less and the boat was a lot easier to steer over the waves.

The Lasers were capsizing all over the place, though perhaps no more than the Fireballs and the heavy 17ft Mermaids all went home after Race 1, with at least one IDRA crew falling out of the boat.

The return to the slipway was pretty tense for the Finn and OK too, with a dead downwind landing on a wave affected slip. But both boats managed it very well!

No results yet, more as we hear it.



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