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You spin me right round

On a day of sunny spells and scattered thundershowers, the racing today saw wind from every possible direction. It even blew at reasonable strength except during the actual races. One of those days when your Zen level is severely tested.

A very large thunderhead was passing east over Dublin city and out over Howth head, creating great photo opportunities with the Laser Masters fully sunlit in the foreground and towering black behind. The wind faithfully pointed at the centre of the stormcloud as the storm went east, with the wind direction steadily cranking to the right from East to South East in the dinghy race area near Dun Laoghaire. The committee relaid the marks several times under a postponement flag while the wind blew steadily at a force 5.

Upwind tuning 5 mins before the start required hiking with the track down and the cunningham on. About 90seconds before the start, the Milky Bar Kid’s tiller extension UJ ripped about 95% of the way across, requiring a stop to reinforce with a spare line.


Downwind with nice breeze between races….not during them

Then the departing storm got far enough away to let the gradient wind get a word in, bringing total wind confusion. 30 seconds before the start the wind had completely gone and by the time the patched up MBK got to the startline 2 mins later the wind was coming from every direction at the same time. Rather than abandon and wait for the wind to settle, the committee let the race run for one upwind and one downwind leg. A total of twenty confused minutes.  The MBK will be 3rd in that one, way behind Tate’s Finn and the K1, never having had time to catch up from the bad start.

Then a LOOOONG pause to see if the wind would reestablish itself from any direction. After some time a westerly came in over the course. It was one of those moments when a quick and dirty course might have gotten a decent race in. Instead, having been caught out in Race 1, the committee opted to wait. The wind was steady so after 20 mins of breeze a start cycle was launched.

Sadly, the wind repeated its trick. About 45 seconds before the start this time the wind shut off. The MBK was all alone on the favoured pin end, but no-one had any wind. The committee abandoned the race after about 10 mins and about 5 mins before the vanished westerly returned as a northerly, then a north-easterly, then an easterly. One of those days.



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