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Calm without the current

Tuesday night had a forecast for absolute champagne sailing. Sun, 15 knots, warm.

The dinghy fleets turned up with great enthusiasm and rigged in the sunshine. But without the breeze. After a delay while the committee boat checked the lack of wind the sailors launched and drifted out.

The racing did go ahead with just about enough wind to move, but not much more. The MBK nailed the pin end start then tacked and crossed the fleet, though it was very tight with an IDRA14 also timing the run pretty well. Being ahead and having clean air made a HUGE difference on such an evening and the OK Dinghy stayed ahead of the chasing Fireballs for the whole race.

Some people relaxed into an evening of sun and calm, while some others looked pretty peeved at racing in such light winds.  The comfort of an OK Dinghy does help in light conditions. So much space!

That was it, really. The OK Dinghy won the PY race by >6 minutes. Twas tight in some of the other fleets, as you might guess from the photos.

(photos by Colin Galavan and Ros Bremner – used with permission, all rights reserved)


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