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Another sunny Sunday with light to moderate winds brought mostly the same core of sailors to the startline, although with the SID team all away, no Finn and only two lasers it was a sparse enough crew for such a glorious day.

The committee had logistics problems getting the line ready, having to use the spare committee boat, and the first startline was drifting badly as the OK Dinghy lined up for a then VERY biased boat end. The K1 went for the gap – which wasn’t there – and the OK and K1 both ended up sailing down the line on a broad reach to avoid the K1 rear-ending the RIYC’s committee boat.  The committee blew an abandonment at about the same second that the K1’s jib halyard broke in the middle of its penalty turns, leaving it bareheaded and badly handicapped for all the races but looking sleeker than before.

In the subsequent starts the OK Dinghy went for the pin each time, and pretty much won it.

However, that didn’t stop Paul Keane’s Laser easing out to a good position on the right, both times and making the mark slightly ahead. That was really the story of both races with the Laser just easing ahead and the OK unable to keep the gap close enough.

There was a moment of excitement in Race 2. Keane’s Laser found a shift on the right and was coming back along the layline, getting increasingly lifted. The OK tacked ahead and to leeward (not in an aggressive lee-bow position) and the race for the windward mark began as the tide and the right shift brought both boats along the layline. After hard work from both skippers, the Laser managed to roll over the MBK a few lengths from the mark.

That was the flavour of the day. The Laser was a little bit faster and the OK couldn’t stay close enough to make up the gap on handicap. Upwind a few seconds. Downwind a few seconds.

Interestingly, with the changes in PY over the last years, yesterday’s times would have meant a win for the OK up to 2013, a tie then, and with the numbers for the last couple of years resulted in losses by approx 20 seconds in both races.

But no argument from here. No mistakes by Keane and twas a well deserved double bullet on the day with the OK taking a pair of 2nds. Murphy’s K1 took two 3rd place finishes despite sailing bare-headed, with the others further back.

There’s a very rig focused video available here.

Back to wider angle shooting next time!




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