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Only part of the way through the season, and after a slow start things are going a little less slowly.

After 6 races, of which the MBK raced in 5, Colin G in the RS Aero is running away with PY. He’s discarding a 2nd place finish!  The OK dinghy seems to be going a bit quicker. Better starts and less awful speed have put us in 2nd overall. But a LONG way back from Colin.

Results here.

Also, we’re still a long way from the pace we’d reached before missing a lot of the last year’s sailing. Best guess is that we’re still at least a couple of minutes an hour off previous pace. That’s a lot. Fitness, practice, manoeuvres, etc.


Pre-start alongside Colin G’s Aero

Part of the improvement today was that the North sail came back out of emergency storage and was re-deployed. Straight away the MBK felt easier to sail. Best guess is that the North is easily more than a minute an hour faster than the P&B, plus a lot easier to trim. Now that’s not a fair comparison since the North was made-to-measure and the P&B wasn’t. But for here, for now, it’s a fact…..the North is faster.



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