Buying an OK Dinghy

First off, get in touch with us and we can help you look. Having looked at the 2nd hand boats for sale over the last 18 months we have a pretty good idea of what’s out there and where to look.

Boats in really good nick and with alloy masts can be had for GBP1000 or less. They’d do fine at club sailing level. Starter boats can be had for as little as GBP500.

Carbon masts cost more but there are, for instance, used Ceilidh carbon masts for sale in the UK for GBP700 and Aardspars are available at less than GBP1500 new.  A decent used boat with a carbon mast and good sails might set you back less than GBP2500.

New boats?  Well, you can have plain foam-sandwich or very flavoured wood veneer, wooden boats, etc. Lots of choices. How much money would you like to spend?

Have a browse around all the for-sale sites, but if you’re vaguely interested, get in touch via the contact us page.



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